To stretch my legs I made an overnight trip north to the town of Kazbegi.

(full-sized photos can be seen here.)

The road (called the Georgian Military Highway) follows the broad Aragvi river.

At around 7500' in elevation, fortunately I didn't have to use the snow tunnel.

The further I climbed, the worse the road became, but the views were marvelous.

With some daylight left, I went past Kazbegi to check out the Dariali Gorge, going as far as the Russian border.

The next morning I started the ascent to the picturesque church set high on a nearby mountaintop. The road climbs and climbs through switchbacks.

When the road became covered in ice, it was time to walk (only for about 10 minutes, but I was wheezing like a flatlander). Mt Kazbek in the distance.

Tsminda Sameba Church, built ca. 14th century.

"Thought-provoking" carvings on the church.

Towering Mt Kazbek looms over the valley. This is where Prometheus served time for his pyrotechnical crime.